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High Definition Photography
By Photographer Dan Harris

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Not your same old boring wedding photography!

By Jacksonville Florida Wedding Photographer Dan Harris

High defiition, multi-dimensional coverage gives you phenominal photographs from which to create your totally customized LeatherArt Storybook Wedding Album. Preserve your cherished memories for generations!

A photographer's style develops over the years and becomes recognizable as their images become consistent. Too often a photographer with an easily 'recognizable style' may have just become a 'one-trick pony' with a very narrow expertise, focus and execution. You will find our styles are very consistent and recognizable but very different depending on the type of image we are working to produce.

If you had 5 different professional photographers and let them each independently photograph a reception room the resulting photographs would all be very different. Each photographer has their own unique style, a combination of what they see, how they photograph it, what equipment they use and how they process the final images. One could argue the pluses or minuses of each photograph and competitively judge the results based on the 'rules of photography' but in the end (both the images that were judged good and the ones that were judged bad) will appeal to different people in different ways. That's why it's critical to see a lot of work from your potential photographer to insure their style matches your vision.

This wedding photographer uses up to 5 different cameras, with up to 10 different lenses and 2 photographers at every wedding. This eclectic photo journalistic style of wedding photography insures you the best variety, complete coverage and backup systems.

Here are some actual wedding day photos to illustrate:

Angle Cam:

Ground Cam:
French Angle Wedding Photography

Sky Cam:

(with selective blur)

Sky Cam Wedding Photography

Ground Cam Wedding Photography


Night Cam:

St. Augustine Pierce's Restaurant

Night Cam: (with motion blur)

Nite Cam Wedding Photography

Remote Ground Cam:

Ground Cam Wedding Ceremony Photography


Football Lens Cam:

Football Lens Wedding Photograph

Church Cam:

Immaculate Conception Wedding

Extreeme Close-up Cam:

Close-up Wedding Photographer


Remote-Controlled Cam:

Wedding Unity Candle

Blur Cam:

black and white wedding photograph

Impossible Angle Cam:

Florida Wedding Photography

Photographic Emphasis and Wedding Style Photography Preferences

Jacksonville Florida's most in-demand photojournalistic wedding photographer displays his eclectic photojournalism wedding photography styles to assist brides in the customization of their wedding photography packages.

View more wedding image galleries at: (enhanced images) and (un-messed around with images)

Photojournalism wedding photography is more costly to produce than the typical 'contrived' (posed) wedding photography. We give you photos of what really happened instead of just what the photographer posed.

"Capturing the distinguising moment... for a lifetime of memories!"

Intimate Black and White Wedding Photography

Unobtrusively capturing you at your best!

B&W converted to Sepia

w/Sepia Toning

w/High-Speed Enhanced Grain Film

Converted from Color

w/Selective Focus

Artsy Extreme Wedding Photography

When you want to kick it up a notch!

Amelia Island Plantation
Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

Blur Cam

Casa Marina Jacksonville Beach


Selective Focus

Selective Focus

Enhanced Blur
Marriott at Sawgrass


Fuzzy Focus

Fuzzy Focus

Special Effects Wedding Photography

Cool stuff when done with the right photo, but can get nauseating if overdone!

Spot color added to B&W

Hand-Painted Spot Tinting


Super Saturation :
Unrealistically overly-saturated colors

Super Saturation


Color photo with select area made B&W

Colorization of wedding photograph

Magnified Motion/blur:

Motion Blur

Enhanced Infrared

Infared Photography in St. Augustine

(Best w/Bright Sun & green plants)


Starburst Filter

Standard Infrared


Green Duplex


Feathered Duo-Toned

Tri-toned with gradation

B&W Pastel Colorization:

Pastel Spot Color



Spot Color w/Sepia-Toned

Sepia partial colorization

Funky Colors

Funky Colors 1

Funky Colors
not usually found in nature

Funky Colors 2


Funky Colors

Funky Colors 3


Expansive Outdoor Scenic Wedding Photography

When the weather's fine

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club
St. Augustine Flagler College
Downtown Jacksonville

Architectural Location Wedding Photography

you and your building making art together!

Jax Golf and Country Club
St. Augustine
San Marco
St Joseph's old church
St. Josephs Catholic church
LDS Temple Bountiful Utah
Fish-Eye Distortion Lens:
Bountiful Mormon Temple Utah

Location Details Wedding Day Photography

All the details that makes your event so unique!

Jekyll Island Club

Natural and Spontaneous Fun Cut-Up Shots

Hey, I just take the pictures! Corny or not, it's up to you! (Seldom pre-planned and never staged)

I love you too, but wer'e in public!
"You look so funny wearing that!"
Ah the forbidden kiss of the bridesmaids!
Why's he upside down?
If you're happy and you know it ...kick!
Look Ma, we made it!
Oh NO I have to pay for this!
I'm the bride's stunt double!

Naturally Lit Bridal Wedding Day Photographs

Some say 'dreamy or romantic', it's really just classical portraiture!

(This is how most reception photos look at night with only one on-camera flash-
Photo provided by 'Uncle Bill')

Cross-Lit Color Candid Wedding Photos

Ya' gotta love the multiple lights of a true professional!

Story-Telling Series

Not a pretend, contrived or 'make-believe' story but actually capturing what really happens on your wedding day!

(Don't try this at home!)

Soft-Focused Wedding Day Portraits

We're not in a fog! But a little softness never hurt anyone!

Casual Group Wedding Photographs

Your friends naturally in front of the camera!

Natural-Looking 'Formal' Posed Group Wedding Photographs

Grandma loves 'em, we make them painless!

Click here to learn what makes a great group photograph?

Bridal Party Group Photograph

Complete Large-Group Wedding Photography

Look ma, I was there! (magnifying glass not included)

Epping Forest Wedding Guests
Large Group at Adam's Mark

"Capturing the distinguishing moments of your beautiful day in a stress-free and spontaneously fun way!"

Please note: Due to color and clarity differences between computer monitors and programs, the color shades, lightness/darkness and clarity of these wedding photos may not be correctly represented on this web site. Please call or E-mail to setup an appointment to view actual photos.

jacksonville florida photography

jacksonville florida wedding photography


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