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Clothing Guidelines for Formal Portraits

The making of successful portraits takes some effort. The choice of backgrounds, as well as natural looking posing, lighting and expressions are all responsibilities of your photographer. Coordinating the clothing is yours. Consider the look of the final portrait so no one person dominates. We don't want any strong distractions from the subjects faces.

Guidelines for all portraits, studio or outdoors: All members of the family should be dressed to the same degree of formality or casualness (except the dog). We recommend solid color clothing of the same tones. This should be classic, timeless clothing that doesn't date the portrait. If you want to use white or pastel tones, everyone should be similarly dressed. Avoid the look of one person standing out because of a bold, distracting pattern or a contrasting light top when everyone else is dressed darker (especially if that person is heavier). For more formal portraiture avoid T-shirts, sweats, tight short skirts (sometimes people are seated on the ground), heat transfer designs and bold patterns (including wide stripes). Some types of patterns create more' effects in digital equipment. (i.e. houndstooth pattern, contrasting stripes, etc.) This is not the time to experiment with a new hair style or extra makeup. Use makeup to cover blemishes if possible. Babies often spit up; please bring them a second outfit if possible. "Photo-gray" glasses photograph black outdoors and very dark in the studio. We will do everything we can to reduce glare in glasses. (if you always wear glasses, you should wear them in the photo.) We suggest non-glare coated lenses to avoid reflections. Glass glare can be retouched if necissary. Shoes may show in some poses. Pets are welcome!

Outdoor portraits: Casual or dressy, everyone should look like they belong together. Solid tops with nice jeans or khakis work well outdoors. Colors that compliment the environment are encouraged. Colors not found in nature often don't look good in nature. It will be windy in photos near bodies of water, wind-blown hair is natural in outdoor portraits and very difficult to edit so it looks natural, please plan accordingly. Sweaters are excellent when the weather is chilly. Coordinate the colors so no one person stands out.

Home portraits (indoors): These are usually created in your living room. We will use your natural home environment; if you have a plain background in mind, please arrange for a portrait at our studio. The in-home portrait is usually a more formal one. Wear solid clothing in the colors that coordinate with the colors in the room.

Formal studio portraits: Please dress as if you're going out to a fine restaurant. Solid darker clothing works best with our classic blue/green-brown canvas background. Faces and expressions, not clothing, should be the center of interest in any portrait. Navy blue sweaters for boys look great over a dress shirt with a collar. Women should wear darker hose and avoid short, tight skirts.

White background studio portraits (up to 5 adults): Keep clothing simple. One, two or three solid colors work best. We recommend white socks or bare feet since we will ask you to remove your shoes. For a casual look, wear jeans with white tops or you can wear medium to darker color tops. Other options include dressy casual with khakis or a formal look.

Muslin background (beige and light blue): We recommend casual jeans or khakis. Use solid neutral colors that blend with the muslin. This is a great choice for casual groupings.

Send me your 'snail-mail' address and ask for the 'portrait guidelines' brochure and I will mail you a full-color brochure with this information and printed photo samples to help you with your choices. If you have any concerns or want further assistance call us to schedule a free clothing consultation prior to your photo shoot.

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