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High Definition Photography
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Archival Fine-Art Prints

Archival fine-art prints are artistic heirloom-quality photographs that are specially treated, mounted and framed for longevity. These works of art can be ordered from those shown here or from any of the photographs on the Notecard pages. They can also be custom-made from a personalized photo session. 12" x14" matted and framed Retails for: $150- $250 each for the selenium, or poly-toned silver-gelatin prints shown here. Wholesale and quantity pricing available for certified re-sellers. e-mail me with questions. Prices include FREE shipping within the continous 48 states. Items shipping within the state of Florida will have taxes of 7% added unless you provide a valid re-seller's state tax certificate number.

NOTICE: This page contains artistic nude photographs
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jacksonville florida modeling portfolio
"Celebrating the natural beauty of God's greatest creation"

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