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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Coordinator


By Heather C. Trimboli, Accredited Bridal Consultant™
President of First Coast Weddings and Events, Inc.

As the popularity of wedding-related television shows rises, so does the demand for professional bridal consultants. Today's brides and grooms are realizing that event coordination services are no longer a luxury, but a valuable part of their wedding plans.

Most couples have never planned a large-scale event, and don't have the time to learn how. A professional consultant can give you advice on the latest wedding trends, come up with new ideas to make your event unique, and recommend reputable vendors to make your wedding visions come true. Other benefits include:

Expertise: Professional consultants become experts on weddings, both through experience and through research and education. They are also well connected to the wedding community, and know most if not all of the vendors in their area. This knowledge saves you time, frustration, and disappointment.

Peace of Mind: The single greatest benefit of hiring a professional is knowing that your wedding is being handled by someone that does this full-time, day in and day out. Your wedding consultant will know the pitfalls to avoid, have creative ways to overcome obstacles, and provide sound advice based on years of experience. Roughly one-third of all couples surveyed after their wedding wished they had hired a consultant!

Productivity: Many couples planning weddings today are working full-time jobs, going to school full-time, or both. The average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan; having a professional assist you will leave more time to focus on your jobs, your studies, and each other!

Organization: We all get overwhelmed with paperwork, housework, family duties and other day-to-day tasks. A great wedding planner is super-organized and will keep you on track, without letting little details fall through the cracks.

Objectivity: Joining two families, two cultures, two religions, and two ways of life can be stressful. A wedding coordinator can often help settle disputes with his or her expert advice. Your coordinator is ultimately your representative, and can become the "bad guy" to enforce your decisions without hurting anyone's feelings.

As with any wedding professional you hire, be sure to interview several consultants before making a decision. Check his or her professional references, ask to see copies of certifications, and be sure they have a valid business license and liability insurance.


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