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Wedding Photography Problems?

Every so often I search some popular message boards to see what kinds of problems brides have had with their wedding photographer and post the messages here. Although these may only represent "a few bad apples", by learning from another persons experience it helps a bride-to-be to be more thorough. Some may be dated, but I think you will find they still apply today. Here's what some brides have said:

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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Jennifer and Lee Matthews were married November, 2007. Sylvia Fore, the bride's mother, says it was a beautiful wedding, but there's still one issue that remains unresolved. "He said we would have a wedding album in six months we still don't have it and it is now April 2009," says Fore. The family hired KW Photography to take the pictures and produce the wedding album.

"He cashed the check for $3,000. He got his money but we have no wedding album," says Fore. Fore says KW has also been unresponsive to their e-mails and his voice mail is no longer taking messages."As far as we know he was sick and was going to have someone else finish the album but we don't know," says Fore.

On Your Side went to KW's Middleburg home. He refused to come to the door. An unidentified woman said KW recently had brain surgery and was resting. She said he will look into the complaint and call. Fore says if he is not going to finish the wedding album, give them a refund, but they would rather have the wedding album.

This is the wedding season and these are a few tips to follow before hiring a wedding photographer.

Get references from friends or co-workers.
Check to see if the photographer is a member of a professional association.
Check his work. Look at his wedding albums: The construction, the colors, the details in his photos.
Try to negotiate a payment agreement.
And get all of the terms in writing

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Written 12/5/2003 at 8:59 am, Jacksonville, FL "I was married 6 months ago, and have mixed feelings about the photographer I used... I regret that I did not get proofs in my package. The photographer I used did not have proofs included in any of their packages. Instead, they provided 'proofs' on a DVD. This was a cheap alternative for them, and a way that we wouldn't be able to copy or print any of the pictures. We've had problems sharing the pictures with family, because many of them (who are older) do not have DVD players. If I remember correctly, they were charging around $900 extra for all of the proofs. My husband & I also believe that the quality of the pictures that we saw during the time we interviewed the photographer, were not the same that we received. The photographer & her husband are in business together, and I believe it was her husband that took the pictures we saw, not her. You could tell from her pics that she didn't have as much talent as he did. So I'd suggest if you run into a situation like that, ask to see pictures that THEY themselves have done, not their partner. This way you know what to expect from their work. We also ended up with around 225 pictures, when we were told to expect around 500, and some pictures that we requested be taken, were not. So just be sure to do alot of research before you make a decision!" --Cheryl, Married 05/10/03

Written 12/19/2003 at 8:29 am "We were married in June, got our proofs back in July, selected the ones we wanted, laid out our album and placed an order for loose prints August 23. Our contract says that we're supposed to receive the order within 120 days (deadline is December 21). We live in the Pittsburgh area and the photographer is in the Philadelphia area, so he was supposed to ship the stuff to us (we had to pre-pay shipping). He has received his final payment and cashed the check, but now he won't return my calls, he won't write back to my emails (except once, when all he said was he would let me know when my order was ready -- that's it). I have no idea where my stuff is, when I am going to get it, or why it's taking so long. My parents wanted to give prints as Christmas presents to my aunts and uncles, and I've let him know this, too. Right now, there's no way we're going to get the pics by Sunday. I can't get in touch with him and it's driving me crazy. This is so stressful and inconvenient!" --Zoe, Married 06/21/03

Written 12/17/2003 at 6:44 pm "After the wedding my husband and I went back into the church to dismiss the guests so that they could get wedding bubbles outside so that we could run through them. My photographer didn't read her itinerary and didn't get the shots I wanted. All that planning and nothing to remember it by but bad pictures. --Taschia, Married 12/06/03"

Written 12/17/2003 at 12:00 am "I thought I hired the 'best' wedding photographer in the area to capture the memories. I had planned to create a list of photographs I wanted, (my own idea, the photographer did not request it) but did not get it done. I wasn't really concerned, because I guess I assumed that a good photographer would ask what I wanted or make suggestions. He asked no questions, made no suggestions and hurried us through pictures so fast that I had no idea what photographs had even been taken. He was there for only 3 of the 4 hours we hired him for and disappeared without saying goodbye. I remember making comments to him like, "what about the bottom of my dress, shouldn't it be un-bustled for the photos?" and his response was "no it's fine" and "can't we take some photos outside or in the ceremony room, and he said, "we could but I really think we have enough good pictures already" and "what about some more photos of me with my groom?" anyway, the whole thing was so unorganized and hurried and frustrating... I hired a wedding planner also and assumed that between her and the photographer that I would have no worries about the photographs. I was so wrong. We picked up our proofs yesterday, and of the 120 proofs we were promised (and paid for) there were only 80, and more than half of them were just duplicated. There are no family photos, more than half of our families who came from all over the world to attend our wedding never got photographed, sisters, brothers, etc. of the 80 proofs, there is only one full size portrait of the bride and groom, which would be beautiful except for the bottom of the dress which is so crooked it looks asymetrical and the bouquet which is beautiful, but unfortunately covers up the top of the beautiful dress almost to my chin because I guess I was holding it up too high, (I didn't know because of course I couldn't see it.) the bottom of the dress in every full length picture of me is so crooked that it is the first thing you notice when you look at the photos and I am holding the bouquet at various wrong angles also. i could live with the few photos that were taken if they had been taken correctly, and I know that it is too late to change anything, but my question is this: was it my responsibility to have organized the photo shoot before the wedding, during the wedding or at any time since it was never requested by the photographer, and was it my responsibility to have arranged myself, my dress and my flowers for the photos? and one more question: what would you do about it if you were me and paid $1500.00 for the photographer to shoot your $35,000.00 wedding? --Robb

Written 12/17/2003: "Your photographer sounds like he was related to mine. I don't understand why some photographers think that every picture they take is going to turn out perfect, refuse to take more than one picture of each pose, won't listen to your requests after you just paid them an arm and a leg and don't take the time to work with the bride. Film is so darn cheap!!! There is no excuse for that!! So being in a situation similar to yours, I was very disappointed by the behavior of the photographer but also the outcome of the pictures...Ultimately I was kind of screwed over when it came to recourse with the hired photographer because we never wrote into the contract exactly how many proofs were supposed to be included and we never got in writing (in contract form) what I wanted photographed. How was I supposed to know to write that in? I don't deal with professional photographers all the time. Live and learn I guess. I know how you feel about this whole thing. ...I was fuming angry for at least 3 months after the wedding because of what our photographer did. I never want to deal with the stupid photographer again. ...make sure that if your photographer was recommended to you by any of your other vendors (like my photographer was on the church's recommended vendor list), that you give feedback to whomever recommended that person so they know not to recommend them any more."

Written 12/18/2003 at 11:48 am "Do we have the same photographer? I had the EXACT same problem as you! Basically we also hired "the best" photographer and she was terrible! Like yours, she did not take charge AT ALL. I had to do everything. I had to pose everyone for the pics and she took NOT ONE full length photo of the bride and groom together, the bride alone or the groom alone! She also took no pics of my mom and I together. She only took 1 head and shoulders shot of my husband and I that was duplicated 12 times in the same position. Plus, she used a poor quality digital camera and quite a few of the pics were blurry. Most of the nice pics we have came from my uncle and my cousin. I sent them a complaint a week and a half ago and only the secretary got back to me, saying the owners would get back to me soon, but they still haven't."

Written 12/12/2003 at 3:37 pm "I am in an awful situation. I think my husband and I are going to have to sue my wedding photographer. (She is from near my hometown, but I won't name any names.) This woman is just unbelievable! We have been married for almost 5 months and I still haven't been able to order my wedding pictures! You would not believe the things she tells me over the phone and in person. I am not happy with the service and quality of photos she gave us. For one thing, this woman YELLED at my mother when she tried to take a picture of us on our wedding day. My mom was upset for two weeks afterward and when she got her own pictures back, she did not have one photo of my husband and I on the altar. She was crushed. This woman was extremely rude to my mother. When I got my pictures back, the rolled up aisle runner was in most of the photos. My dress covered it, so it wasn't like it could be cropped. We met with her twice afterwards and you wouldn't believe the excuses she came up with. She told me it should have been MY responsibility to remove the aisle runner. I'm sorry, but on my wedding day, that was not my top concern. As a photographer, you would think she would have known to remove it. Also, I have a terribly shiny forehead in many of the pictures. According to her, it was my personal attendant's responsibility to do get rid of the shine. That would have been fine, but she NEVER told her to do it. The first time we met with her after the wedding, I was so upset. I bawled in front of her. These are my wedding pictures and they make me want to cry! She was completely uncooperative... At the first meeting, she tried to show us a list of policies she supposedly sent to us. A TOTAL LIE! The only written information I have from her is the original letter and contract, plus a list of picture prices. NOTHING else is in writing. I wish now that I would have tape recorded all of our conversations. I refuse to talk to the woman now unless the conversation is tape recorded. Anyway, one of our agreements was that she would replace all the pictures we had to do work on in our book for free. Yesterday, she calls me up at work and says that she has already done that (about 9 pictures). At our last meeting, we came up with about 16 more that needed work. These pictures were awful (shiny forehead, cropped off arms, too much head room, etc). She also told me that her company where she gets the photos printed would no longer send out pictures without the protective spray. ANOTHER LIE! (I remembered this afterwards-- she told us she sprays the pictures HERSELF!) ...She refuses to sell us the negatives. ...I am absolutely furious. My wedding day will be forever marred by her terrible work ethic and unprofessionalism. She had the nerve to tell me yesterday that she has already met with me twice for FREE, when she normally charges an hourly rate. This was complete news to me! I have never seen this in writing. You would think that she would want to make me happy, as her CUSTOMER. I am ready to take action. My plan is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's Office and the local Chamber of Commerce. ...I am so upset. I want this woman out of business. ...I am so furious that I keep shaking."

Written 12/8/2003 at 11:42 pm "We were married for almost 4 months before we heard from our photographer. I called and called she never called me back. Finally I went there and demanded that I got the proofs back within weeks. I got them back like 3 weeks later and the pictures were so crappy. My photographer was a good friends mother and her grandchild was a flower girl, most of the pics were of the flower girl. There where none of me coming down the aisle and none of my brothers. But like 40 (no joke) of her grandkid. My mom spent like 5 grand on the video and pics. I gave her back the proofs with a detailed list of pics I wanted a few days later. She said to give her a month. I didn't get the album back till thankgiving (8 months later) and half of them were wrong. My moms book was all wrong and I haven't got the wallets back to send thank you cards out we sent them without pics. When I asked her about the video she said she was waiting on the music, BS! I gave her the music before the wedding. I suspect now that when we get the video back its gonna be all of the grandkid! My mom wrote the better business bureau and said if we don't get the right pictures she is going to get a lawyer. ...Its disapointing how some people don't care about others. Im really sorry about what happened to you I understand. --Katie, Married 03/15/03

Written 12/5/2003 at 3:28 pm "Our photographer was nice. But she ran out of film and had to leave and get some, then one of her cameras broke during our formal pics. Now the coordinator called me to pick up our proofs and says that the photographer had a flash issue and all the processional pics are dark and cant be fixed - they already tried. She informed me that they can see what they can do to make it up to me."

Written 12/5/2003 at 10:40 am "DO NOT RISK IT! You are only going to have this day happen once. Do not try to save money on the pictures! Try to save on flowers or favors, but not the pictures! Take it from a bride who regrets "saving" money!" --Pam

Topic: Beware The Pros

From: bride37 Date: 3/28/2004 at 1:30 pm
The photographer did not show for my friends wedding this weekend. They hired the DJ and Photographer through them, DJ showed but no Photographer.

From: TinaBelle , 3/28/2004 at 6:12 pm

Thats what happens when you hire an outfit that constantly inserts ads in the employment section of the paper saying, "Turn your hobby into cash"! All your getting are inexperienced kids doing the event of a lifetime..... I can't believe out of all the negative posts this company gets, you'd figure Bride knotties would learn by now....But noooooo! Someone should have at least warned her if she doesn't read the posts.

Topic: Photography - so confusing - need help!
From: UFKaren Date: 2/11/2004 at 10:28 am

I am just starting to look into Photographers. HOLY STICKER SHOCK! I was expecting to spend $1500 to $1700, thinking this was probably upper-end, and it seems this is more the average cost...and if I am reading some of these photography websites correctly, it looks like this may not even include the actual pictures! Can you guys help me with some examples of who you are using, an estimate of what you are paying (or paid), and what is included with this cost?

From: supersunny , 2/11/2004 at 10:39 am

Yeah, tell me about it! We ended up paying over $2000 for ours, and it only includes proofs. I was looking for a very specific style of photography. I wanted someone who knew how to use natural light well, who had a good artistic eye, and who had a good photojournalistic style. I didn't want a lot of posed pictures, and I wanted a photographer who would capture the day just as it happened. I also thought it was very important to have more than one photographer or at least a photographer and an assistant. That way they can catch all the angles. I also wanted to make sure they used professional grade film or digital camera. Anyway, all that stuff adds up. I looked at a lot of photographers, and some that were much less expensive had pictures that looked like any one of my guests could have taken them. I figured if I was going to spend money, I might as well spend a little extra and get it done right!

From: NikkyManausa2B , 2/11/2004 at 10:42 am

Let me be the first to tell you that you get what you pay for!

I went with a photographer that charged less than many others... I met with her several times, even had a practice round with her for engagement pics... the work she showed me was beautiful and so we booked her (and the engagement pics were good too). It was $1800 (this is in Tallahassee) and that included engagement sitting (not the pics), 30 8x10s in album, 2 parents albums, and 2 5x7s. This was a good deal...
Well, I am still having problems with this photographer. She has screwed up countless times (delivering the wrong prints, amongst other things... such as a very important picture my husband has red eye and she actually suggested that WE purchase a pen and fix it!), and it wasn't until 9 months after the wedding that we finally have everything straight (we got married last May). I actually have a BIL that is a lawyer and is now handling the situation because she still expects payment in full (keep in mind, our order ended up totally over $3000 for her BAD service).

Best of luck! If I could change anything about our day (it was perfect!) it would have been to go with the photographer that I really wanted for a higher price. Nikky

From: newmrs , 2/11/2004 at 5:37 pm

Take some advice from an old married lady...go with your gut, within reason of course ; )
Photography is a subjective subject as everyone is going to love their photographer...that's why they picked them!
The best advice I can give you is this: First, think about what you want to do with the photos after the wedding. Do you "need" 50 8x10's for everyone in your family? Do you plan to hang one photo in your home or fifteen? Is the album important to you? Do you even want an album? All of these thing will influence the cost.

Secondly, if you get along with and feel comfortable with your photographer then you are going to be smiling and happy in your photos. If you are totally annoyed with the person behind the lens, it's going to reflect in the photos.

Finally, the photos (and a video if you have a videographer) are going to be the record of your day. You need to prioritize what things are the most important to you...cut back on favors or flowers or something that's not a priority to you if the photos are high on your priority list. Good Luck!
P.S. To answer your questions...we paid nearly 3000 and I'd pay it all over again. We got: proof book, magazine album, slideshow, 10-8x10 and 10-5x7, 1-20x12.

From: Gator&Nole2, Wed , 2/11/2004 at 10:21 pm

I can say that you should definitely go with your gut. Someone mentioned a photographer above that was reasonable and yes he was a great guy with low prices compared to others but . . . when we visited his home in OP it reeked of smoke, so bad that the paper info he gave me had my tote bag smelling so bad by the end of the day that I had to wash it. Also, when I looked at his pics I wasn't impressed. They looked like pics I could take and his album that he showed us that we would receive looked like something from the 1970s, with the gold oval ring and everything. Again, he may do a good enough job for you. But my gut said "no."


From: Ashleymc1726 Date: 5/11/2004 at 12:07 pm

my pics came back and i barely have enough good ones to put in the album. has anyone ever called xxx xxxx and got back monetary compensation???

From: newmrs , 5/11/2004 at 1:14 pm
Ashley…can you describe why they are horrible. Is the problem with the poses and style of shooting or something technical in nature? Did they use film or digital? (I just checked their web site and it says they use this correct?)
The reason I asked…if the photos are digital and they give you a high res. CD, then you (or them) may be able to tweak them using photo editing software.

Articulating to them what is specifically wrong with the photos will go a long way in their ability to help you.
Good luck! I hope everything works out for you.

From: Ashleymc1726 , 5/11/2004 at 6:40 pm
where do i start? the picture of my whole wedding party has one groosman cut off, well, you can see half of his body and the other half was cut off. also, they are extremely dark. one picture has a white mark down the side of it, IT WAS HIS FINGER!! i meet tommorrow with her so she can see my pictures, we'll see what happens

From: SandyArt , 5/12/2004 at 12:51 pm
oh good ness!! im so sorry!

i met with a few photographers that had such "skill." It was dreadful!! I'm thinking to myself "why am I even sitting through these pictures?!?! Why would ANYONE give this guy $1000 to take pics my little sister could take!!" Photography was definetly my highest concern over anything! I compromised with my dress, my shoes, flowers...but i would NOT compromise with my photographer. in 20 years, you wont remember what shoes u were wearing...but u WILL have those pictures! its horrible that people go into this business, knowing they suck at what they do. or even worse, they dont know they suck...b/c no one tells them. maybe you will do them a service by telling them they suck!! you will be saving another bride in the future, but im sorry you had to suffer for it : (

From: Ashleymc1726 , 5/12/2004 at 8:22 pm
i talked to the lady this afternoon and she said that she could only offer me between 100-200 reimbursement and i told her that that wasnt good enough so she is going to talk to her boss and he is going to call me.....the saga continues

From: DurbsGrl , 5/13/2004 at 8:03 pm
Ashley, if you would please e-mail me your photographers name I would really appreciate it!! I used them as well and have still yet to see my photo's (I got married March 13th)... You have got me worried... e-mail me if you don't want to post it... Thanks!!

From: Ashleymc1726 , 5/18/2004 at 6:38 pm
the man who was supposed to do the photography ended up having a family emergency. i THINK, keep in mind think, i dont want to freak you out, was xxxxxxx something. after seeing the florida manager last wednesday, i called yesterday cause i hadnt heard anything back. she told me to call this vice president of production guy and let me tell you. I have NEVER in my life been yelled at and talked so rudely as how he did. he told me i was being unreasonable on how much i wanted back and that it was absurde for me to recieve such a refund. Also, he kept saying how their goal is to give you enough pics to fill your album, THATS IT! the whole package where you get 150 pics, doesnt mean they are going to be good. it means they MIGHT. as long as they get enough pics to put in your album, they consider their job done. i got the refund i wanted but was in tears by the end. i have never been screamed at and argued with so harshly in my life. i hope and pray you have a better experience. please let me know : )

Topic: Photographer Warning
From: mrs_djtiaff Date: 1/14/2005 at 12:45 pm

This is from one of our local papers here in Ohio:

Newlyweds uniting against photographer
Business leaves town with wedding pictures

By Stephen Dyer
Beacon Journal staff writer

PERRY TWP. - All they want are their wedding photos on a CD -- their happiest day saved on a shiny disc. However, in the 15 months since Steffani and Michael McCoy were married, they have yet to receive their pictures or CD -- and they paid more than $2,000 for them. ``Just give us our CD,'' Michael pleaded last week. ``That's all we want.''

The McCoys are among at least 20 newlyweds and wedding party members from Northeast Ohio, Florida, Texas and Colorado who said they have experienced similar post-wedding fates, all thanks to a smooth-talking nurse-turned-photographer named Brian Fry. Officials with the Canton region's Better Business Bureau said they have received nine complaints against the 36-year-old Fry and his Stark County-based -- now Florida-based -- company, Brian Fry Photography. The complaints are all remarkably similar: Fry required the couples to pay, in some cases, $3,000 or more up front for his services; Fry or an assistant took the wedding photos; the couple made numerous attempts to obtain their final album or CD; Fry stopped responding; and, ultimately, the couple got no pictures.

Six of the BBB cases have been turned over to Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro, who also has received a complaint from a Florida resident. One of the disgruntled brides -- who hasn't gone to the BBB or Petro's office -- has organized several couples, and they took their stories to a local attorney. He says he will refer them to the Stark County Prosecutor's Office. As for Fry, he has moved to Jacksonville, Fla., with his ex-wife and children. He hasn't responded to e-mails from the Akron Beacon Journal at his Web site. Other phone numbers listed for him have been disconnected. His toll-free number wasn't taking messages. The mailbox was full. Horror stories

Complaints collected by the attorney general against Fry are of wedding horror stories:

• Fry allegedly took a couple's signature board and promised to return it when they came back from their honeymoon. He still hasn't.

• A couple's camera was stolen during their honeymoon, so now they have no pictures of their wedding or honeymoon.

• A Florida bride's father died shortly after her June wedding. The pictures that Fry's company took are among the last of her father alive. She doesn't have them.

``These couples got stiffed by this guy,'' said Paul Biel, whose daughter, Sarah Cunningham, is organizing the distraught couples.
Cunningham has waited for her pictures since her December 2002 wedding. ``I don't care about the money,'' Sarah Cunningham said last week from her home in Atlanta. ``I just want my files.''
She started having trouble reaching Fry shortly after the wedding, she said, and he all but disappeared last spring.
On April 22, he wrote to his clients telling them that business was going so great he was backlogged. He also announced he was closing his South Main Street studio in North Canton.
``I have decided that I would rather have a smaller client base that I can service well,'' he wrote, ``than a lot of clients who receive poor service.''

He also addressed a ``rumor'' of his impending move to Florida.

``I assure each of you that we will meet all of our current obligations,'' he wrote. He then said he wouldn't be taking any jobs after August. That was the last Sarah Cunningham heard from Fry.
Five days after he sent the note to clients, Fry's ex-wife claimed in court filings that he owed nearly $2,000 in back child support. On May 17, he and his ex-wife filed a new parental plan that included a move to Jacksonville, Fla.

Fry now tells clients on his Web site that ``for family reasons, which I cannot control, we are currently in the process of relocating operations.''
The same day the parenting plan was filed, the Canton BBB wrote a letter to Fry about a complaint. As with other inquiries, Fry didn't answer.

Cunningham's Canton lawyer, Christopher Newlon, said he's gathering stories from about 10 couples to turn over to the prosecutor's office.

Assistant Stark County Prosecutor Chryssa Hartnet said that she will listen. Several civil lawsuits have been filed against Fry in Stark County courts. The McCoys of Perry Township said they dropped their lawsuit in August because Fry asked them to work with him while his life got back together. They say they haven't heard from him since.

Sympathetic, still upset

When the couples learned of Fry's personal troubles, they were sympathetic but still upset. Some said Fry is a nice person. ``We just can't figure out why he doesn't send anyone their pictures,'' Ellen Nolan said. She got married July 10. ``His pictures are gorgeous. He's a very talented man.''Steffani McCoy said she chose Fry because, to her, the wedding photos were ``the most important thing.''
Some checked his references. Others were referred to him.
``He's a horrible business person, but he takes great photos,'' Sarah Cunningham said. ``He was great up until the wedding.''

Two bankruptcies filed

When Fry opened his business Jan. 24, 2002, he claimed on state papers that it would last for 50 years. He made that declaration, though, a month before his second personal bankruptcy was discharged by the Canton federal bankruptcy court. He also went bankrupt in 1994. He filed that earlier bankruptcy the same year he divorced his wife, whom he had married in Reno, Nev., in 1990. He has two children from the marriage, but, according to court records, he has had trouble supporting them.
Court documents from 1995 claim he owed nearly $3,000 in back child support and medical payments while he was a nurse at Doctors Hospital in Perry.
His wife claimed then that he had a history of depression and mental illness. She also said he had threatened to commit suicide.

Court filings show that Fry receives disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
By 2001, he was making about $52,000 a year, according to court records. A child support worksheet filed last year claimed that he grossed $15,000 annually. According to the complaints filed, six of the nearly 20 complaining newlyweds alone paid him about $15,000.

Fry now advertises himself as a Jacksonville photographer.

His Web site says he won't handle new clients until ``at least'' November, deliveries on albums are six to eight weeks late, and after September he will put an additional 6 percent shipping and handling charge on ``all orders.''
Couples can only hope .The McCoys are split on whether they'll ever see their wedding photos. Steffani thinks Fry will eventually deliver. Michael is convinced he won't.

``I don't know how many hoops he's had us go through,'' Michael said. The couple offered to take an $800 refund and a CD of all their pictures, but Fry turned it down, they said.
As Newlon, the lawyer who's building the case against Fry, put it, ``if he would send the discs, I and all the people I bring with me will go away.''

For now, the McCoys can only look at a book of low-resolution thumbnail proofs of their happiest day -- a tantalizing taste of what should have been. ``We have all these wonderful pictures,'' Michael said, pointing to the wire-bound book. ``Or rather, all these wonderful proofs.''

Beware of L photography

From: Jaxbride11, 7/11/2005 at 1:47 pm

We used L photography and were NOT happy! He gave us very little direction during the photos after the wedding. He did not get any shots of myself with each of my bridesmaids, which means I do not have one picture of me with my maid of honor. In most of the photos my train on my dress is lying in a pile behind me instead of fanned out. In one shot my bridesmaid is stepping on it! I did not get one good photo of me in my dress. When it was time to do the family photos he had us stand together and then rapidly took about 10 shots with the flash blinding everyone, so most of those pics. have people looking away and not smiling. At the reception he missed about half of our guests. I have no pictures of my family or friends that were not in the wedding party. He did not take any pictures of the tables or people during dinner. When I asked him if he wanted to do some posed shots of us outside he said his camera lens would fog up! He was not appologetic after. I would definetly pick someone with more experience if I could go back. If you must use L, I would insist on only paying half until after you see the pictures. His prices are reasonable, but you get what you pay for!


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