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How to archivally store the original negatives and images from your event:

Enclosed you will find a long-term storage box containing your original film and digital negatives from your event along with a gold CD that contains a complete set of the high-resolution, color-corrected files from your event. This box is acid- and lignin-free and is designed to maintain the proper storage environment for your negatives.

There is a reusable desiccant canister in the box to prevent the build-up of moisture. This box should be stored in a cool dry place where there isn't; extreme changes in temperature or humidity, moisture, chemicals or pest infestations. You should visually inspect the negatives a least yearly to insure the desiccant canister hasn't expired* and to be certain there is no sign of mold or mildew growth.

Good storage places would include a safe-deposit box, a fire-proof safe, a dresser drawer in a temperature-controlled room, a closet shelf away from windows, heater units or vents. A bad storage place would be; in a non-temperature controlled attic or garage, in a hot car, in a damp basement, in a storage cabinet near household chemicals, etc.

You should make a complete backup copy of the high-resolution files contained on the gold-colored CD and use those images to edit on your computer and make reprints from. These are the color-corrected images numbered just as you originally viewed online and as labeled on the back of your proofs. The negatives (and silver CD) are the originals used to make the gold CD from.

The negatives from your event are rolled in a clear protective sleeve to prevent damage from fingerprints and scratches. Do not remove the negatives from the protective sleeve. If you need to take an image to the lab you can cut the negative together with the protective sleeve into manageable strips (4-5 images per strip)

The lab personnel will remove and replace the negative into the protective sleeve while wearing specially treated gloves that prevent finger oils or scratches from damaging the negatives. The cut negatives should be placed back in the box stored on their edge in the protective sleeve.

The gold-colored CD contains ALL the color-corrected images from your event, including the high-resolution scans of the negatives and any digitally captured files. Store this CD just as you would negatives. If you have a silver CD in the box it contains the original un-retouched digital negatives directly from the professional digital camera used at your event.

*The reusable desiccant canister attracts and absorbs water vapor and is effective in a sealed space of up to 3 cubic feet. It will need to be regenerated when the indicator dot turns pink by placing the canister in a ventilated 300F degree oven until the indicator dot turns dark blue. This process can be repeated over and over. Caution: canister will be very hot after regeneration.


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