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By Jacksonville Photographer Dan Harris

With our new wedding photography packages we have just added the option of digital montage/composite pages to our traditional matted albums. These pages allow for overlapping photographs, fades, 3D shadows and other unique digital effects. The options are unlimited. Recent advancements in technology has made the quality of this process affordable. It doesn't matter if the original photo was taken with a film or digital camera, the options are the same.

We not only offer the archival quality modern 'flush-mounted' UV-coated coffee-table storybook albums but will continue to offer our classical style Art Leather matted albums with UV coating so the photos don't rub or stick together and wear prematurely. We believe 'special effects' like these should be used sparingly to enhance (and not distract from) the photography in the album.

Some photographers offer poorly constructed, non-archival albums that ultimately warp, crack and get dog-eared on the edges. No matter your choice in album styles, we will not compromise our quality archival processes.

Some album designs have a tendency to over-use digital effects and add too many words, flowery borders and other 'cutesy' gimmicks that distract from the photos. We've seen some poorly designed albums where each page looks like a sample ad for clip-art, others look like wedding advertisements. (Cut to me saying 'tacky')

Some people with no training or experience in graphic arts are attempting layout design. I wouldn't want my professional photo album 'junked-up' to look like a scrap book. We will work with you to insure the design of all your album pages are a complement to your complete album design reflecting classical elegance.

Some problems uncovered from thin-paged coffee-table books/albums include: no additional UV coating for protection of the photos so the photos crack and the emulsion peels away at the centerfold and the edges, the pages warp and get wavy (especially from humidity), paper thin album pages bend easily and becoming dog-eared, unprotected photographs stick to each other, many don't come with product guarantees and damaged books are unrepairable. Before you pay g ood money for an inferior product be sure your album is designed and guaranteed to last.

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