Alias: 'Disco Dude'

Uncompromised Quality Photography
By Photographer Dan Harris

A home-studio photography business in Jacksonville, FL
1124 Riviera St.  Jacksonville, FL  32207 (904) 398-7668

Booking Policy

All reserved bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates can only be held with an initial retainer fee ($1,000 for a Saturday event and $500 for any other day). You can never book your photographer too far in advance. Good photographers and good dates go fast. I have some dates booked up to 2-years in advance. I have had to cancel a Tuesday night viewing appointment with a bride because the couple that came the Thursday night before just booked their wedding date.

I am not a 'pushy salesperson' because I don't have to be, I am not lacking in business. I recently had to return a contract and deposit check to a bride who left our meeting together and went home to 'think about it' and eventually filled out the paperwork and mailed it in. When I received the contract (nearly 2-weeks after we met) another bride had already booked her date. She was upset that I hadn't called to ask her about her decision or the contract. I spend the majority of my time serving my current customers and don't often have the time to chase down 'borderline' customers to beg them to hire me. If it looks like I'm right for you, let's get together and reserve your date before someone else does -- if you're not sure, then I'm probably not the right photographer for you!

The initial retainer fee and a signed contract will lock-in your day. (If you have set a future appointment $500 'authorization' on your credit card will give you 'first-rights' for your date until our appointment. If at our meeting you agree to book us we can apply the $500 toward your initial retainer. If you decide not to book us the $500 hold is released and you incurred no charges. If you no-show on the appointment, you forfeit $100 and the date.)


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